Film-O-Clean Mk II

Film-O-Clean Mk II
Film-O-Clean is a self-contained film cleaning machine which mounts both on a movie projector to clean as you project, and on a bench for cleaning between rewinds.

Designed to be safe and effective, Film-O-Clean incorporates a film-driven mechanism to automatically advance the Cleaning Media so fresh media is always in contact with film. As film travels through Film-O-Clean, the Drive Wheel rotates to power the internal gearing which automatically advances the Cleaning Media.

Two independent spools of Cleaning Media remove debris from both sides of film simultaneously. When used during projection, one spool of Cleaning Media provides approximately 3~4 hours of cleaning time for 16mm and more than 6 hours for Super 8. Cleaning Media may be rewound and reused several times before requiring replacement. Film-O-Clean provides many advantages when used in conjunction with a film projector.

Film-O-Clean is designed to safely clean film wet or dry. Cleaning Media may safely be used ‘Dry’, however, more effective and safer cleaning results from pre-soaking the Cleaning Media with a Film Cleaning solution. Film-O-Clean has been tested with FilmGuard™, VitaFilm™ and FilmRenew™ each with satisfactory results.

Film-O-Clean will perform Wet-Gate projection by pre-soaking the Cleaning Media with a Film Cleaning solution. Wet-Gate projection works to visibly hide base scratches by cleaning and filling voids with solution. Additionally, Wet-Gate projection lubricates film for smoother projection and may help prevent film damage/scratches.

FilmGuard™ is the recommended film cleaning solution for use in Wet-Gate projection since it produces no toxic fumes nor weakens tape splices.

Several mounting fixtures are available and Film-O-Clean may be used on any film projector or between rewinds. This modular and portable design enables Film-O-Clean to be moved from one projector to another easily, and also to the rewind bench for stand-alone cleaning.

Film-O-Clean is crafted to strict tolerances using top quality materials to provide a smooth and near-frictionless movement which is safe for use with any film stock.

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